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  Tahiti Cruise  -  Excursions and Off Ship

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Adventure of the Seas
Allure of the Seas
Amazing Grace
Anthem of the Seas
Azamara Journey 
Azamara Quest

Black Watch
Brilliance of the Seas
Caribbean Princess
Carnival Breeze
Carnival Conquest
Carnival Destiny
Carnival Dream 
Carnival Ecstasy

Carnival Elation
Carnival Fantasy
Carnival Fascination
Carnival Freedom
Carnival Glory
Carnival Imagination

Carnival Inspiration
Carnival Legend
Carnival Liberty
Carnival Magic 
Carnival Miracle
Carnival Paradise
Carnival Pride
Carnival Sensation
Carnival Spirit
Carnival Splendor
Carnival Sunshine
Carnival Triumph
Carnival Valor
Carnival Victory
Celebrity Century
Celebrity Constellation
Celebrity Eclipse
Celebrity Equinox
Celebrity Infinity 
Celebrity Millennium
Celebrity Reflection

Celebrity Silhouette
Celebrity Solstice
Celebrity Summit
Celebrity Xpedition
Coral Princess
Costa Allegra
Costa Atlantica
Costa Classica
Costa Concordia
Costa Deliziosa
Costa Fascinosa
Costa Favolosa
Costa Fortuna
Costa Luminosa
Costa Magica
Costa Marina
Costa Mediterranea
Costa Pacifica
Costa Romantica
Costa Serena
Costa Tropicale
Costa Victoria
Costa Voyager
Crown Princess
Crystal Harmony
Crystal Serenity
Crystal Symphony
Dawn Princess
Diamond Princess
Disney Dream
Disney Fantasy
Disney Magic
Disney Wonder
Emerald Princess
Empress of the Seas
Enchantment of the Seas
Explorer of the Seas
Freedom of the Seas
Golden Princess
Grandeur of the Seas
Grand Princess
Independence of the Seas
Island Escape
Island Princess
Island Star
Jewel of the Seas
Kapitan Khlebnikov
Legend of the Seas
Liberty of the Seas
Majesty of the Seas
Marco Polo
Mariner of The Seas
Monarch of the Seas
MSC Armonia
MSC Divina
MSC Fantasia
MSC Lirica
MSC Magnifica
MSC Melody
MSC Musica
MSC Opera
MSC Orchestra
MSC Poesia
MSC Serenata
MSC Sinfonia
MSC Splendida
Navigator of the Seas
Nieuw Amsterdam
Nordic Empress
Norwegian Breakaway
Norwegian Crown
Norwegian Dawn
Norwegian Dream
Norwegian Epic
Norwegian Gem
Norwegian Getaway
Norwegian Jade

Norwegian Jewel
Norwegian Majesty
Norwegian Pearl
Norwegian Sea
Norwegian Sky
Norwegian Spirit
Norwegian Star
Norwegian Sun
Norwegian Wind
Oasis of the Seas
Ocean Princess
Ocean Village

Pacific Dawn

Pacific Jewel
Pacific Pearl
Pacific Princess
Pacific Sun
Paul Gauguin

Pride of Aloha
Pride of America
Pride of Hawaii
Quantum of the Seas
Queen Elizabeth - QE
Queen Mary 2 - QM2
Queen Victoria
Radiance of the Seas
Radisson Diamond

Regal Princess
Rhapsody of the Seas
Rotterdam VI
Royal Clipper
Royal Princess
Ruby Princess
Sapphire Princess
Sea Princess
Seabourn Legend
Seabourn Odyssey
Seabourn Pride
Seabourn Quest
Seabourn Sojourn
Seabourn Spirit
Serenade of the Seas

Seven Seas Mariner
Seven Seas Navigator
Seven Seas Voyager
Silver Cloud
Silver Explorer
Silver Shadow
Silver Spirit
Silver Whisper
Silver Wind
Sovereign of the Seas
Splendour of the Seas
Star Clipper
Star Flyer
Star Princess
Sun Princess
Superstar Gemini
Superstar Libra
Superstar Virgo
Tahitian Princess
Thomson Celebration

Thomson Destiny
Thomson Dream
Thomson Majesty
Thomson Spirit
Vision of the Seas
Voyager of the Seas
Wind Spirit
Wind Star
Wind Surf
Yankee Clipper


Quotes (Diane and Buil's experiences follow the others):

The sun sets around 6pm all year long.

We bought a 60 unit card ($20) and used it to make at least 10 calls to dive shops, plus 3 calls back to the states. The phones have easy to use English instructions, and we had no problem using it to call home.

changing money - we used the Banque de Tahiti ATM machines, on Tahiti and Raiatea.  Our bank charged a $2 fee, but we still got a lot better exchange rate than they offered either on the ship or at the change booths.

Ren. has a currency exchange service that is very unfavorable when changing dollars into the foreign currency.  I wouldn't suggest using them unless it is an emergency.  For example, in Tahiti, they offered 107 Polynesian francs for one dollar, plus a 5% commission.  The actual exchange rate was 127/$1, available at the ATM machines with your debit card (with no commission or interest charged).  The interesting side of this is that they will also buy back your francs at the end of the trip for their 107 exchange rate with another 5% commission.  This still allows about a 12% gain, if you originally exchanged through the ATM machines.  I doubt that they will continue to buy back foreign currency if the passengers start trying to exchange large sums of money.

We did most of our shore exploring on our own, which was easy to do, and a lot cheaper. There are tour people on the docks at all the destinations.

They don't seem to know about anything except their own excursions (or maybe they just don't want to tell you).

Most tours...only 3-4 hours...never any problem getting back to the ship on time.  If you book your own, just tell the vendor what time you need to get back and it should be fine.

Morning tours are good, because it is soooo HOT when the sun hits you in the afternoon, you just want to die.

...still can’t believe...ship charges more than double on some the excursions like Sting Ray feeding and on some “Motu” snorkeling trips so do it on your own...very safe. 

...only tour I took that I can not recommend is the Lagoonariam in Bora Bora. There were a couple I felt were so-so and a couple were great.

Others that we talked to did a lot of the excursions, and enjoyed them. 

... another thing about the R3 excursions: They'll take your name for a waiting list for the ones that are sold out, but they fail to notify you if a space becomes available. Three of us had wanted to go on the riding trip but they had only one space left for each outing (because couples had signed up, I guess). We left our names. When my friend went to go on the trip it turned out there were two more spaces available, but they'd never told us about the cancellations. So if there's something you want to do, it's worthwhile to keep checking back at the Excursion Desk (it's open only a few hours in the morning, which is another drawback).

There are some beautiful sand beaches, but the majority are coral.

...sign up immediately for anything that seems interesting...can cancel up to the day before if you change your mind. However, you can do almost all the same activities yourself for 2/3 the price just by getting off the ship and arranging them yourself. At most of the ports you'll see several people standing with signs for scuba diving, horseback riding, snorkeling, boat tours, etc.

...those on the Ren tours were also fully happy with their tours.

Those early excursions turned out to be the best, afternoons often got a little cloudy although we never actually got caught in any rain.

Be SURE to bring and wear a t-shirt when you go snorkeling, even if it's just for a minute!! I was very careful the first day I went to the beach--sat in the shade, put on sunscreen, etc. But I went out snorkeling for what seemed to be about three minutes (you will definitely lose track of time) and burnt myself to a crisp.

...rented cars on Tahiti and Moorea, and bikes on Raiatea...used the Lonely Planet guide book, which gave a complete circle tour of each island...heard some people that took the Ren circle tour found the pace too slow, and the tourist stops a little long... enjoyed being able to set our own pace, and stop when/where we wanted to!... weather was mid 80s and humid...saw rain everyday, but it only rained on us once... did not take any insect repellant, and had no problem at all with bugs...thought we were used to the sun, but we got careless one day and both burned, so be careful!



The R4 excursion staff is varied in their knowledge and helpfulness.  Ren does provide a relaxed feeling on their tours and we suppose will standby them in case of problems, though many times they are twice the cost.  We have not yet heard of problems with non-Ren excursions and all our experiences were more than positive.    

The Polynesian people are naturally happy, smiling, warm, and somewhat mischievous.  They are very competitive in a fun way amongst themselves regarding sporting activity.

All these islands have a road close to the water circling the island.  These islands are lush with the anticipated tropical plants and have magnificent mountains, just as you have always expected.  The sheer beauty is definitely of the basking variety.  We rented a car on Moorea, Huahine, and Bora Bora.  When we go back again, we will rent one on Raiatea as well.  It is an easy drive on all the islands.

Almost all the houses have a breadbox out front (for a good photo see the Pengelly website).  This is like a mailbox, but is usually slightly higher off the ground and much more long and slender and usually has no door, but does have a roof.  The bread is delivered daily (sometimes twice a day) and picked up right after delivery like the mail.  As we drove around the islands, we saw many breadboxes and some with a baguette sticking out the end.  At different times, we also saw a man walking along the road with one or more baguettes clasped in his hand sans bag.

Most of the coconut palms (very tall and majestic) are dangerous to walk under or park under.  Many of the coconut palms have a band of metal flashing which is to protect the coconuts from the coconut crab and the rat, though the rats are said to be held at bay by the many domestic cats.  The coconut crab is responsible for most of the holes in the ground seen everywhere.  The Polynesians capture the coconut crabs, feed them nothing but coconut for several weeks to purge their system of other elements, then eat them.

We encountered (driving) a number of grocery stores on these islands which sell cold drinks, wine, beer including Hinano, about 165 CFP for the bigger bottle, Fruit Drink (a 10% alcohol with pineapple juice & also not too expensive), and toothpaste for about 1200 CFP a tube (around $12).  Hinano beer in cafes and bars run $2.50 - $5 (mostly on the higher side, $3.50-$4).

We brought the French wines portion of a wine catalog (several pages, with ratings), which is published by a supermarket sized wine store near our home.  There were many of these French wines rated well in the catalog.  Though there were a large number of French wines in the French Polynesian supermarkets and grocery stores, we did not find any of the rated (87+) wines in the catalog at any price.  We enjoyed the shopping experience, and we ended up buying about six French wines over the course of our 10 days.  Some were barely ok, and some were not so good.  It's possible someone with more French wine knowledge would have fared better. 

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